Andre Leon Talley Leaves Wintour to Take Over Zappos Couture


So it begins, After a peaceful slam from American Vogue and a brief stint at ANTM judges table, Zappos CEO, Tony Hseih has brought on Andre Leon Talley as the new Artistic Director to revamp Zappos Couture; the luxury sale line for (acquired by Amazon. com). Talley will be focusing on the online editorial content for the web site along with establishing relationships with new designers and vendors that have not yet sold their products on the site. It is also concrete that Talley will be focusing on the creativity of the site and not the business side. From a interview with fashion business publication WWD; Talley discusses the future of online fashion branding and businesses; “The digital universe is a new, exciting opportunity for me to reach a broad audience in terms of the global luxury market,”  also stating that he wants to “create something unique, in terms of a Web magazine within the Zappos Couture Web site, that conveys the immediacy and excitement of luxury retail products, season by season.”  There you have it hunties. Thank you Alexis Stoghill (@lexisb) for providing me the tea.