Bring it!

Hello Girlies and Fashionistos,


So this year I’m gonna do something to mix this baby up! I want to focus on me and my experiences. I know there are bizillions of blogs to take a look at but I’ll let you know. This will be good. The other day I went outside and had a nice day of 65 degree of sunny weather to think over of what happened in 2011 and what needs to happen in 2012. Currently, Yes, I have officially started my brand. Holla! I have established some of my team members which is amazing and also, what needs to happen within the next year or so. One other thing has also happened to me to that made me change this perspective. My look! I need to look even more fabulous! If I want to achieve what I want to achieve, I need to look the part. So, the sweaters and ties are out and the fabulous body is in. Lets get it done right!