Fashionista, Singer, Songwriter, and All Around Bad Ass…Janelle Monae

Hello Girlies and Fashionistos,

This evening I had the opportunity to go to the Verizion Theater to go see Janelle Monae and Bruno Mars in concert. When I got there I was surprised to see Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy singing solo…..I was floored at first because he lost so much weight…it was uncanny, but he was indefinitely singing to his abilities. I honestly believe the man needs to work on the gel of the band before he goes out on another set. On the other hand, I do love me some Patrick, super cute. Onto the main event, well for me…sorry Bruno. Janelle. This girl was outta control. The set looked pretty good with the exception of the sheets on the back wall portrayed as a movie screen. Quite Wal-Mart there, but the costumes of the 10+ members on that stage were super hot. Janelle was looking fabulous of course with her ‘uniform’  Black slim leg shimmer silk cotton slacks with crisp white button down with the Colonel Sanders silk tie. I was in another world about her performance I swear I danced for the whole hour. Completely unheard of..from me. I can get down! Everyone of her songs were awesome-ly performed…one set was a little too awkward as the music that was performed in that set  was on the b-tracks of the toured album. Janelle ended with her jumping into the mosh pit but I couldn’t help to see how passionate and interesting she appears to become. Absolutely a muse.