Taking Daring Moves Toward Fashion Week

Hello Girlies and Fashionistos,

Let me tell you folks..This weekend has been outta control….after countless hours of parties, brunch, and hanging out with friends; I had the great opportunity to grab an appointment at one of my favorite stores. I’m sure you are wondering which store it is…let me fill you in Nordstrom Rack. Yes, I said it. Nordstrom Rack. Why spend $1,500.00 on a fabulous Burberry bag from Burberry when you can get the same bag 4 months later for a fraction of the cost. Well while walking through ‘The Rack’ something dawned on me and I told my friend Sonny! “Why buy all of these clothes, while I can design my own menswear and wear it during fashion week?! Sonny agreed and here I go! I’m gonna design my own clothes! Hell yes…colleauges beware. It’s going to be dashing!



Me in Indulgence…