Rachel Zoe..who?.pish posh…..Now….Introducing Margaret Sche!

Hello Girlies and Fashionistos,

Every now and then I like to do highlights on individuals that I believe are great people in the industry of fashion and entertainment. One of them is great friend of mine and of Inappropriatelychic, Margaret Sche. I had the opportunity to meet Margaret a couple of years ago while I was in Los Angeles starting out to become a successful womenswear designer. It’s working. Her and I immediately became an instant hit due to our connection in Southern roots..She’s from Louisiana/Texas, while I am from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Exciting to see us Texas folks in California sometime. Margaret is indeed an impact in the industry as former Director of Fashion Trends at Forever 21, she has also been lead stylist for many shoots including Vanity Fair, In style, Teen Vogue, and Nylon.  I must admit, this is the girl to listen to sometime when looking for quick trends. After partnering up with brands such as Forever 21, American Rag, and Tommy Hilfiger; She has conceived her own blog by the name of  ‘The Sche Report’. Ladies and Gentleman, I can’t wait to hang out with her on the rows of fashion week this September and October. Inappropriatelychic introduces to the blog, Margaret Sche.





4 thoughts on “Rachel Zoe..who?.pish posh…..Now….Introducing Margaret Sche!

  1. She is fantastic! A beautiful woman with an eye for exquisite fashion. She is one to watch!

  2. Sche has a sense of style all her own. Anyone wanting to improve their look should seek out her expertise.

  3. I love to read The Sche Report. The latest in Fashion news and vintage shopping……

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