Out with the old and in with the new……

Hello Girlies and Fashionistos,


Well currently my website is getting bigger and my fans have definitely told me one thing that I must do; BLOG MORE!!! Folks, I know I have been a very bad fashionisto but as of today I am back in full force. So the other day I had the chance to see a sneak a peak of  some scenes from Tom Hardy’s new film  Warrior and I must admit….He can be my  boxing warrior anytime. The man is just gorgeous. Now…First I need to craft a bomb ass screenplay with him or some other hot delicious individual in it…..As for fashion…..I decided to go back to designing and develop a men’s collection for me to show at NYFW while I’m covering these shows this September. I’m think fabulous coats lined with silk satin, bomb trenches, men’s heel boots, wide ties and abundance of color. Boy’s get ready after I do a day by day behind the scenes!  I might just put it in catalog for my new website coming later this year. Ok..must go..love ya!






Me designing....for the right time