Just wasted 2 minutes of my life in bed with the Situation from Jersey Shore.

Hello Girlies and Fashionistos,

Well sorry for the delay of postings. It has been a crazy number of days. So, While I am currently in bed writing this fabulous post I had the opportunity to watch Donald Trump Roast on Comedy Central. I must be on glue but the last time I recall the roast was created by friends that were a significant part of the honorees life. Well, not now! Apparently I saw The Situation from Jersey Shore. This was the worst speech I had ever witnessed in my life. You know its bad when a group of folks booed so much they wanted to throw a a table at Lisa Lampanelli’s face. Even if he was in bed with me I would’ve fell asleep and wake up screaming at the sky why! Anyways, It is finally clear that The Situation is not talented in anything except for paying his manager 10 percent  for his placement on Jersey Shore and Dancing With the Stars. Keep the money dude and invest it wisely. OK..fashion post next. Rolling over.