All things are sunny on the bright side of the Spade! (Kate Spade Adventure Spring 2011)

Hello Girlies and Fashionistos,

Last September, I didn’t have the opportunity to see or review the Kate Spade Spring 2011 collection due to my own show at New York Fashion Week. Well……..I had the chance to see it first hand today before it went out to the public! After a shitty drive  from 635 to the Galleria and Nordstrom; I finally made it and ran up to the 2nd floor to meet the Creative Director of Kate Spade, Deborah Lloyd. I absolutely loved this get style-together because as soon as I got up to the meeting floor whole to top gang was there to greet me. From top PR to the co president Craig Leavitt “dishy “. After some serious looks, I had the opportunity to work with Sherryl Hayes, Individualist of Nordstroms, Galleria to show me the new collection and style with my writing assistant, Janie.  The collection was flirty, fun, and simple(I felt like I would’ve been in the Mary Tyler Moore Show throwing my hat in the air with this collection). Although the collection was primarily based on the yellows, corals, blacks, green and neutrals. The garments really set the polished targeted woman up for a great day of tea or fundraising meetings with the league. The bags were to die for as well. Indeed this is another great year for Kate. BTW….I loooove me some Debra Lloyd so sweet and up for comments. Johanna Saum was also fabulous. Congrats on a forseeable successful collection.





A.L.T eat your heart out. Super fabulous glasses from Kate. A MUST HAVE!

I want it nowwww!

Janie (wearing a Nicholas Lindsey jacket and Kate Spade bag) and Sherryl a fashion match made in Nordstrom.


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  1. I looooooove Kate Spade anything. You’re always blogging about my favorite designers!

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