Shoes..omg! Shoes! New designers for a economic America.

Hello Girlies and Fashionistos,

I decided to hit the stores this weekend and look for some fabulous shoe retail therapy and instead of walking around aimlessly for my occasional Prada or Zac Posen. I decided hey, lets look for some shoes that won’t hurt my pocket book. Then, instead of looking at mens shoes; I saw fabulous women’s designer shoes that fucking delicious. So hot, I left breathing marks on the window. Take a look at these fabulous shoes!






I went over to Payless to take a look at the Christian Siriano Collection. Apparently this fabulous collection cost around $20.00-$60.00. That fucking awesome for a great after 5 affair or maybe a great night out.

(See above): Delicious is a brand  the girl on the financial string that want to look uber fashion and hit the town. They usually start around $20.00-$60.00