Jill Stuart(New York Fashion Week Fall 2011)….interestingly sexy.

Hello Girlies and Fashionistos,

I’m currently finishing up my last reviews, but today is Sunday and I am feeling kind of lack luster at the moment. Therefore, I am going to put up Jill Stuart fall 2011 and I would like for you to comment on what you think about the show! Best review, I’m sending some OPI to you. Thanks OPI for your donation! OK Folks, Blog away!







One thought on “Jill Stuart(New York Fashion Week Fall 2011)….interestingly sexy.

  1. OK, the first part of the show, I kind of wanted to run away and never look back… but at least it got some better from there.
    The animal motifs, I would never in a million bajillion years wear, except if it were something more understated like a PRINT- not an actual animal screen printed onto a dress or shirt. Cheetah print? Ok! Zebra print? Not as good, but Ok! An owl?? An eagle?? No thank you. I don’t know who would pay money to look like a crazy zookeeper. And, the pattern below the animals looks like a bedspread in a Colorado motel.
    Sorry, Jill Stuart, no more bashing. Now on to the decent pieces:
    The crimson with hints of metallic, like in skinny belts, was stunning, and I also liked the hints of fur, like the fur collar in one of the ensembles. The metallic dresses were also beautiful, with interesting patterns and cut-outs that showed beautiful craftsmanship and design. Some reminded me of screen sirens in the 1930’s- add a bob and you’re fabulous.
    The colorblocking pieces reminded me of a contemporary painting, and with the right accessories, they could work- on some though, I would probably hike the hemline.
    Overall, I was disappointed, but Jill, you still brought it on some of the collection.

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