The OFFICIAL 1 Million $ Show: Marc Jacobs(New York Fashion Week Fall 2011)


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On Valentines Day, The night before I came back to Dallas/Fort Worth. I had to make one more stop to end my fashion week duties. Of course, I save the best for last, Marc Jacobs. I had to sit and marinate over this review for a few days because I needed to figure out how this review will pan out and there is so much to tell. So here it goes. Marc Jacobs is the king of making his event super grand. So grand there’s over 500+ people present, a massive venue, gifts, fabulous parties almost like an Oscar event. So grand that in order to make such a fabulous event it will cost you million dollars just for the show. As an up and coming designer, it’s hard to even raise 1 thousand rather than spending a million on a show. Hoping for some return. These are  some of the things to create this extraordinary vision.

  • There were 500 guests
  • And 63 outfits.
  • Each model appeared for 45 seconds.
  • Each model wore 22-inches of human hair extensions,Which rang in at180/head.
  • There were 50 hairdressers,
  • 35 makeup artists,
  • 70 dressers.
  • 20 ft white quilted columns
  • Benches made out of plexi glass reflection material/ Mirrors
  • Reflection runway


The show was a blast in the past from his previous collections pre-Louis Vuitton. Showing latex and polka dots…more polka dots……, and lots more polka dots with some lace and rubber. The collection was incredibly sustainable but needed a little bit more variety. Is this a sellable product for his target audience? Really don’t know; but  Marc Jacobs sure does know how to put on one hell of a show. BTW The models stomped on the runway to Marilyn Manson. We all are “The Beautiful People.”







Thank you to Monica Feudi / (Photos)


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