Alexander Wang making it happen? Let’s see.

Hello Girlies and Fashionistos,

Yesterday was an insane day of shows..I swear I went to 7 of them and some of them are good enough to make the cut. First up, Alexander Wang. I always consider Alexander as a member of my generation design team; this includes all of the 80’s born designers that are making it happen in the industry. After another sweet ice tea Starbucks at Columbus Square, I skipped all the way down the island to see Alexander Wang’s collection. Wang is establishing his own style on how shows should be designed. For him, everything is heavily industrial and deconstruction ready. The show is all about the sexy, cool ,tough girl in the streets that is about to kick some serious ass. The overshadowed coats, random zipped infused  nylon and leather jackets played a strong role in his collection this year including his fur versatile coat/blazer creations. I laughed in the middle of the show after I saw the fur sunglasses, which were super awesome (like the big lady in Napoleon Dynamite says to Uncle Rico) “I want that.” His deconstructed skirts made of  charmeuse were dead on for the runway. In other words a fabulous “A” for style. After speaking to some great folks Alexander is finally opening his flagship store in NYC in just a few days. Try to make it to Wangland and get some S/S 2011 collection for your pleasure. Congrats Alexander, I’m seeing that your future will be bright as the sun. (Yes, umph).





I hear UMA calling for Kill Bill 3!

I want that.

Thanks to Yannis Vlamos /!