Jason Wu goes to Versailles and makes it Dangerous (New York Fashion Week Fall 2011)

Versailles, France

Hello Girlies and Fashionistos,

Today and yesterday was the war of the youth! Who won? Let me give you a review of the Jason Wu show and you can decide. After getting a hot chocolate from ‘Starbucks’ waiting for the next show to review; I was in giggle mode waiting to see what Jason has up his fabulous sleeve for his delivery and O.M.G. he delivered. The show was based on a photographers collection of Life in Versailles. Jason used mass amounts of beautiful lace. Something that is extremely risky if you don’t know how to design with it, but the lace garments had a beautiful “Dangerous Liaisons” feel to it.  Black voluted collars and outlined black stripe with hints of red, green, and mid-level gold were the scene this afternoon. I also noticed his detail in his dresses which were also exquisite.

As a young-in designer and writer, I must say that Jason is absolutely an inspiration in the ranks. His style is indeed very chic and delicious. Keep it up. Your designers in your house should get a pat in the back and a sugar cookie after this show.




I can just sop this dress up with caviar and sourdough!


(Thank you to Getty Images for the photos)