Christian Siriano Goes to the “Dark Side” (New York Fashion Week 2011)

Hello Girlies and Fashionistos,

Yesterday evening, I had the chance to go online and take a look at my dear pal Christian Siriano’s new Fall 2011 collection live. I knew that Christian was looking to deliver and grow from his days on ‘Project Runway’;  well I must say that he has grown into a great up and coming designer as he is aspire to be. On to the show. C.S. 2011 Fall Program was based off of ‘The Dark Side’ focusing on his minimalistic forms of design. I have to say that all I can see in this show was black…black, black, some Green, and more black.  Nothing is wrong with the color but when you put together minimal makeup for the models and  ‘Birkenstock’ hair styling and the sometimes ill fit in the garments for some models, it makes it quite the non couturier Christian wants to be. The show wasn’t an easy sell to the audience due to the opening of black chiffon skirts against the skin that went down the runway. Some models look like that they can trip in a hot minute, due to the clunky Payless designed heels for his girls. In actuality. Some did trip.

The show highly improved from there. I was very impressed with some of his couture gowns and fabulous jackets. Some of his women’s trousers needs to go back to the planning board but it worked for this production. I always consider Fall shows as a plan for the next year of the design house on how it operates and creatively develops. I appreciate what he is doing and indeed Christian, you are great mind. Keep working! I’m waiting for September.