Curtain call!!! Lindsay Lohan is going to PRISON (soon). All this for a ugly necklace?

Hello Girlies and Fashionistos,

Last week, An  accessory boutique in Los Angeles was questioning Lindsay Lohan if she have taken a necklace.  Apparently, Lindsay Lohan got caught RED handed when her assistant took a necklace back to the store because of after numerous times of denial, her photos were taken of her wearing the necklace. I think its completely dumb of her to do this if she had stolen the necklace, but a few things have crossed my mind. Do they have an efficient security system at this boutique including tags on the merchandise and video security? Something to think about. This happened before when Lindsay pulled a “Winona Ryder”  and took someones coat from a club. Now she is finally getting charged with the crime and Los Angeles wants to give her 3 years in prison if convicted. This is the time for the final reflection for Lindsay. She needs to move out of California period and go somewhere else that nobody really cares about celebrity. Like North Dakota. (lol) Read some scripts and create a new hobby (like sewing and design). Los Angeles is not for everyone. This time she’s not going to fashion week in NYC.




Forgot something Lindsay? Ummmm a necklace?