Hello Girlies and Fashionistos,

As promised, I have a full week of delicious “Haute Topics” to tell you. Ranging from the botched up rendition of the National Anthem from Ms. Aguilera to looking at Hines Wards butt, and A lot included in between.

This past week in THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS, I had the opportunity to see the unofficial “national holiday” as we see it, called the Super Bowl. Now the Super Bowl is an event that is practically for the fans of the sport of football. It should be accessible, fun, and an experience of a lifetime for the fans and city population. Unfortunately, The Super Bowl turned out to be a complete omen towards Jerry Jones and the fat money cats. Including seats being vacant leaving almost a thousand out of the Super Bowl and sent to other places of the stadium and god apparently, open the flood gates and hence a shit load of snow to cut money to insulate  Jerry Jones, the NFL, the city of Dallas and Fort Worth and the whole activity.  That didn’t keep the fans down though. Since lots of them are from the north. 19 degrees? Pish posh. That’s nothing.  Let’s start talking about Ms. Aguilera.

This rendition of the National Anthem was a Haute ass mess. I really wish they chose Burleson native, Kelly Clarkson. She is from Dallas Fort Worth and lives in Mansfield for sakes. Less money folks. Although Christina, was bad….She had a lot going on,  including a young opportunistic boyfriend (get ready for a reality show), a divorce, and a Britney Spears breakdown as we know it. I love you girl, but get it together.


Thanks Jeff Haynes, Reuters.

Also the Super Bowl is a time for all of the celebrities to talk about their new projects so they all can make money. This includes Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston promoting their projects to cover and exceed the budgets spent to make the film by the distribution and production companies. Here’s Ms. Aniston and Mr. Sandler. I always had a crush on him in the past.

A jewish thing. mmmhmm!

(Thanks to the Associated Press for the photos)

Can’t wait to send her a dress and a good screenplay! On loan.

The funny part of this whole situation is that if you have money AND entertainment recognition the sky is the limit. Like Owen Wilson running around the damn football field at Jerryland!

Must be nice.

Of course, I believe if you are investing at any part of this event. Paying for the stadium (Arlingtonians) or even purchasing tickets to fund these events. All of you are welcome to go to this stadium and tour what you have invested in. Something for Jerry to think about.